Renuka is an architect from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, with over two decades of experience in interior design. Her expertise spans across the spectrum of conceptualization, design and execution in commercial and institutional interiors. Her clients include Indian luxury retail organisations, MNC firms, manufacturing organisations, textile/garment showrooms and educational institutions. Her forte lies in developing a retail corporate identity and translating it into stores across India and across various formats. She helps her clients create an aesthetic and user-friendly experience for their customers and employees, through a thoughtful integration of creativity and functionality in design.

Renuka has also created course content and taught retail and exhibition design. Her approach to teaching is guided by a focus on developing in her students, the needed mindsets as much as the acquisition of skills. In addition to developing technical expertise and professional development in her students, she also strives to build a commercial orientation in them, thus shaping her students into complete professionals.