Nien Siao

VP International
Head – Research

Nien Siao has 22 years of work experience both with industry and design academics. She has been associated with design academics for over 17 years with Pearl Academy. Her experience with the domestic and export fashion & textile sectors spans over seven years prior to joining academics and continues till present.

She has worked extensively in the areas of retail fashion, home madeups, carpets, woven textiles, soft toys and craft textiles in India, Nepal and Ethiopia. As a professional trainer, she has worked with corporate businesses, craftsmen and entrepreneurs in areas of design, skill, product and strategy development. She believes her contribution through education is a means to build the design future for the country.

Nien evinces keen interest in the development of Indian fashion retail and adoption of sustainable practices in fashion development including craft cluster development. In academics her interest mainly lies in developing design curriculums and supporting systems of teaching, learning and mentoring. She is an active member of Textile Institute Forum, UK and continues to be involved in both fashion and textiles related education, research, craft development and sustainable design practice.