I still remember the look on my mother’s face after I had ruined her bedroom walls with my drawings of a big blue dolphin and her babies. That was the day I was gifted my first ever drawing pad and set of colors. What started then has never stopped. I still see so much potential in the plain walls that surround us. Design in its minutest form has inspired me forever. What fascinates me is the translation of an insight into something so very impactful. For me, design is not just a bunch of visual creations. I design my dance, my food, my joy and my life. It’s about what you ‘create’ with what you have and the impact it has on you and your surroundings. In a nutshell, I am a do-nut that eats up her letters while talking, dances to breathe and finds happiness in giving happiness. I believe none of us come into this world with a singular purpose. I may or may not design forever, but its influence will always be in whatever I do, always. Space has always excited me as a medium, the potential it has in terms of creating a holistic and multi -media design is extremely intriguing. One such project was my ‘Clean India’ project. It incorporated interactive public art installations, within public spaces. The catch here was that these installations were made by the public, for the public, using trash. It’s like using a problem to solve the problem. I’ve always been immensely passionate about food and related things. My degree project is about an exhibition that showcases the sensorial and historical aspect of the lifeline of Indian food culture—spices.