I started this course as a confused youngster and am graduating as a confident Graphic Design Professional. Pearl Academy gave direction to my dreams and helped me challenge my talent to shape a career that is more than just a job, but a passion. As a Communication Designer, I have found my interest in trying, testing and evolving ideas. Creativity for me is a hard-earned skill, which improves with practice. At Pearl, I discovered and explored my potential and approach towards design, which added meaning to my life. My mentors have played a major role in transforming me as a Graphic Designer, making me learn through criticism, which has made me a confident designer. Since my childhood, I have been fascinated with colors and design. I now realize that I was born to be a Graphic Designer. This academy helped me set the base for who I am today. I love painting landscapes and capturing the beauty of nature by transposing my thoughts on them. Apart from this, during my graduation I have worked on various different topics and projects, one of them being an NGO, a semi-live project, where I designed the brand identity, logo, business card and letterheads. During my final project, I also designed signage’s for New Delhi Railway Station. Pearl Academy has played catalyst in giving me confidence and a broader viewpoint to approach the field of creativity, turning my passion into a profession.