I love my father, I idolise my father, I am in my father’s clothes. If one thinks of the collection to be only deconstructed…Think again…..if one perceives it to be only androgynous…..Think again…….if it appears to be oversized for me……Think again……..because it isn’t a collection of perfectly ripped apart and stitched again ensembles but it is a trunk full of memories….memories of the time when as kid I used to dwell in my father’s clothes….I never grew up…….I refuse to grow up. Instead it is the story of my personality…perfectly complemented by pleats mixed and matched with inside out jacket, dramatic silhouettes, athletic colour accents, couture like craftsmanship with plenty of surprises with a casual yet sharp detailings. Shirts and sweat shirts are designed to trap one of the arms of its wearer in its folds and casual trousers came equipped with draped overlay with the amorphous pleated coat revealing unexpected panels when least expected; asymmetric dresses exposing and covering at the same time perfectly complemented with colourful knitted socks and laced up school shoes.