As a kid, I never exactly knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and that hasn’t changed. I knew I couldn’t sit through three years of Political Science, so I chose Communication Design over it and I’m glad I did. Design gives me the freedom to express myself through my work and I couldn’t ask for more. “Scanners want to taste everything. To scanners, the universe is a treasure house full of a million works of art, and life is hardly long enough to see them all.” I may work as a pastry chef, deep-sea diver or zookeeper, but what will remain constant is my passion to create art and design. As much as I tell people I want to work with electronic media, most of my projects are inclined towards print media. Both my projects showcased here are for kids as they’re a great audience to work with. Last semester, I worked on an existing brand called Bear, which operates in the UK. They make cereal for kids and I redesigned the packaging for Alphabites to make the alphabets come to life on the back of the boxes. For my degree project, I wanted to re-introduce gardening in people’s homes through their children. For this, I created a gardening kit, which included seeds, potting soil and a book to help children start their own indoor vegetable garden.