She has taken her theme “Rudhira” from one of the most expressive styles of dance i.ethe Contemporary Dance form. Contemporary Dance emotesfreedom and combines elements of several dance genres. A Contemporary dancer has the freedom of movement, allowing their bodies to freely express their innermost emotions unlike the strict structured nature of ballet.

The term “Rudhira” is a Sanskrit word that depicts “blood” or color “red”. The color red is known for three primal emotions of life – Love, passion and rage. Thus the concept of’Rudhira’ denotes the red ‘glow’ or the ‘blush’ that ensues from the heightened emotional states with the rush of blood to heart of a dancer while he depicts these emotions through his fluid contemporary dance movements.For the purpose of this collection, she has specifically taken two major movements of contemporary dance i.eFall and Recovery and Release and contraction.

Therefore, In her collection, the aforesaid emotions and dance movements together are portrayed through indigenous amalgamation of fabricdrapes, manipulations and surface textures.