Those were the best of times when there were royal picnics and hunting ventures. Grand banquets would grace the honor of kings. Beautiful princesses charmed the world with their poise and elegance. A thousand lamps lit up the night, resembling a sheet of stars. And you could sit among peacocks, listening to the soft murmur of royal fountains and count the stars by candlelight.

The Chaar Darwaazii collection for Titan Nebula Watches is inspired from the Four Seasonal Doors at the Pitam Niwas Chowk of City Palace, Jaipur. Singing the tales of gods and celebrating the arrival of the four seasons, each door has a story to unleash behind it. The beautiful lotus motifs and dancing motifs with lovely colors inspired me to bring up the beauty of the Pink City. Dedicated to each Door, the watches have delicate motifs and attractively colored gemstones, making it wearable for royalty.