As a kid, I was always very curious to discover why things happened a certain way. This curiosity has grown over the years and helped me evolve as a better individual. I heard about this from my senior at Pearl. When I heard her talk about her experience in Communication Design, I couldn’t wait to join a course that has such vast applications and gives endless opportunities. Every day of college offered new surprises as I discovered myself and became stronger as I discovered solutions. Exploring Communication Design has changed my perspective towards the world, and I would want to use my strengths and my learning to design a better tomorrow. As the saying goes, “Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” My projects in Pearl have been a mix of both graphic design and experience design. With an inclination towards designing space, my final degree project was designing a café, called Mahua. This café would serve delicacies from Madhya Pradesh and its interiors have been inspired by Gond Art, showcasing the unique style of living.