The first stage of the dissertation project was topic selection. I have a deep interest in traditional textiles crafts of India. India has a diverse and rich textile tradition, but there is a lack of awareness.

The purpose of this project was to determine how consumers can be made aware about the textile crafts of India, so they can appreciate it and purchase apparels made out of these crafts. The traditional textile of India lacks in promotion and, therefore, people are not much aware about various crafts of India. This project aims to exhibit the need and importance for promoting textile crafts and study the preferences of customers for such apparels.

Textile crafts of India are not given adequate importance, because people are enamored by western culture, forgetting the beautiful culture of India. These textile crafts are part of the heritage and rich culture of India. Textile crafts of India includes fabrics like cotton, silk, Khadi and folk crafts like tie and dye, block-printing, Chikankari, Kantha, Kashida, etc. Handicrafts provide livelihood to a large number of poor people in India, especially to the rural sector.

Through this project, we determine the people involved in promoting these textile crafts of India and how they market their apparels to consumers. These should be promoted as crafts of a new era with the right mix of colors, designs and styles. A few NGOs, government organizations, brands and designers are working on Indian fabrics and crafts, but are not effectively showcased to consumers. To determine how these textile crafts are promoted, research tools were used, such as consumer surveys, personal interviews with customers, visits to fashion weeks and stores where the apparels are sold.

Majorly, these products are sold through exhibitions and government emporiums, which are not easily accessible by consumers. These apparels should be made available in malls at stores that specialize in such crafts. Promotion should have the right mix of hoardings, radio, fashion magazines to make people aware of these crafts.

I hope this research will find better ways for promoting traditional textile crafts of India, which would be beneficial for both craftspersons and consumers.