To live a good and happy life, I choose fun, adventure and excitement every time. The entire chemical equation taking place in my brain between excitement and adventure will be great to experience in a forest. This topic shouts out loud into my mind to take it for my research. All those magical, adventurous, threatening and dangerous things are great to experience and then incorporatingthem into garments is more fun while exploring. Enchanted forest gives me a magical feel. This endless forest is full of exciting experiences. Hoping and believing in myself has led me to finally choose Enchanted Forest as the inspiration for my research.

After mind mapping, I have come up with words like fairy tale, witches and adventures which suddenlystimulatedme to start with fairy tale characters, then I did a complete analysis of movies, designer work and the place which are referred as enchanted forest or fairy tale home worldwide. It was hard to start but as time passed I came up with very strong research.

My silhouettes are inspired from enchanted tree structures. I have picked elements of enchanted forest such as – Owl, Eagle, log of tree, enchanted trees, and had them screen printed. This is how my complete collection is coming out.