This paper elaborates the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Impulse Buying behavior of consumers. The study is done on Impulse Buying in the apparel section by women between the age group of 18 and above in a Delhi Metro. It is demonstrated in this study that Emotional Intelligence of the Consumer is a very important component in Impulse Buying. The Higher the Emotional Intelligence the higher will be the Impulse buying habit and vice versa. This becomes very important in the middle class Indian circumstance where the women are bound by a strong sense of prioritizing family needs first before indulging in any personal wish execution. Impulse Buying as this study shows creates a strong feeling of guilt which in turn reduces the value proposition of the apparel because there is less repeat usage of the apparel brought on impulse. Hence Emotional Intelligence of the consumer should be an important reflection for all stakeholders if the value proposition has to be high.

The Master´s Thesis investigates the effect of the universal emotions on customer behaviour in Estonia´s retail store environment, examining how far happiness, in particular, influences customers´ purchases, recommendations and product evaluation. Ultimately, it will be considered whether the universal emotions should be managed to increase revenue.