I have spent the past 24 hours trying to figure out how I can make myself sound more intelligent than I actually am, so when anyone looks back through this year book, they laugh at my wit. But alas, I’m at a loss for words and anyone that has sat through any of my presentations knows that this is nothing new. You’d think that with four years of communication design under my belt, I’d be able to manage a little blurb about myself. Well, I can, I was just rambling to fill space. I’m sarcastic, indecisive and kind of weird, and design is my life. It’s kind of funny when you think about how passionate we get about little things like a typeface or a fuzzy jpeg. I may not be a designer forever, but things like this will always be such an integral part of me. I will carry forth the knowledge I have achieved in the past few years to my children and their children (and so on), and create a great legacy of rather aesthetically pleasing homework assignments. Interaction design is an extremely versatile field. It’s not limited to or by technology. That also makes it overwhelming while planning for a project. Being a student of Pearl, we’ve all dealt with running around between buildings, looking for people and things. It caused everyone more problems than necessary. After the years and years of complaints finally piling up enough to be dealt with, the situation around campus has improved. The disconnected campus not being one of them. Other universities have a student life app that connects the students to their facilities. Since Pearl is so global, I figured that an app would fit in very well. For my final project, I wanted to use the opportunity of having free reign by working on something I believe in: Feminism. I wanted to spread its message playfully to attract positive attention. I decided to do this by creating three webcomic series, and generating mobile content. To extend its reach, I’ve made a website that sells relevant merchandise. It also allows people to send in their ideas and designs to sell.