Colors, typography, posters, logos. They have intrigued me since childhood. While going on road trips, handpainted signs and banners would catch my attention. Why was it written the way it was? How did they think of the logo? Looking for answers and dreaming to be a part of this logo filled world, I started my journey at Pearl Academy and am glad I chose to be a part of it. Every teacher and mentor has been encouraging, motivational and moulded my abilities into skills that I am proud of today. As these four years come to an end with the blink of an eye and we step into the real world, I am all set to explore my horizons in the world of Graphic Design. My style of work, though not restricted, is mostly illustrative. For Project 4, I chose to rebrand the National Zoological Park (Delhi Zoo). I found my inspiration in the fact that majority of the youth visited Delhi Zoo only twice in their lives. The idea of visiting Delhi Zoo is not as exciting as visiting a zoo in a foreign locale. I wanted to change the personality of the Delhi Zoo to a more welcoming, young and fun place. For my degree project, I researched on superstitions as I am fascinated by psychology and human behavior. India is a superstitious country are not aware of the reasons behind the existence of superstitions. I designed a cafe brand that motivates people not to take superstitions too seriously and educates them about the logic behind superstitions in a humorous way. The idea was to not enforce opinions about superstitions, but create awareness about their origins.