Rohit Gandhi
Editor in Chief of Democracy - News Live

Mr. Gandhi is the founder of WION, a global English TV News Channel based out of India. He is also the former CEO and Editor in Chief of DNA, a national daily newspaper.

A documentary filmmaker, journalist and news manager with 20 years experience across forty countries and proven ability to meet the pressing needs of global media companies in war zones and countries affected by crisis and natural disasters. He has covered Iraq war, Afghan war, Sri Lankan Tsunami, posted in China and multiple countries. From 2000 to 2006 he was a producer at CNN and later for a year with CBC.

Rohit is recipient of DuPont Award and multiple Emmy Award nominations. He has spoken extensively on conflict resolution and was the field producer for National Geographic's Afghan Warrior which won an Emmy and the Golden Cine Eagle Award. Rohit is currently teaching Major Generals of Army, Navy and Air Force at IIMC on how to correspond with media in conflict areas and situations.

In October, 2017 Rohit launched his digital platform Democracy News Live.

Democracy news live is taking a fresh approach to journalism and social justice. The size of the problem is not known until we see it all put together in flesh and blood. The challenge of people suffering in isolation under regimes that don’t understand the value of people becomes clearer when we realize the amount of people suffering with similar problems. That is a approach we want to take when we showcase issues on democracy news live. Visualisation of stories is the main defining component of DNL. We want to open the platform to people and then invite them to come and put their issues forward.

The idea is to become the voice of people when they are being wronged by the system. People must be able to say that I voiced my opinion and then when we have all the data visually available to people, government and other stakeholders, we intend to begin questioning government on why they are not taking action.

Rohit Gandhi
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