Prof. Seema Mahajan
Academic President

Prof. Seema Mahajan is Head of Academic Governance(AG) at Pearl Academy. In this capacity, she has to ensure the provision of an effective service to develop and support the Academic Quality functions and strengthen student engagement. She leads and supports the Academy in areas of quality enhancement and assurance; academic and professional development and enhanced approaches to learning, teaching, assessment; educational research and evaluation. Her role includes leading and engaging in policy and strategy development for institutional benchmarking with national and international higher education standards and accreditation bodies. The AG aims to support and continually enhance student learning experience and achievements through collaborative effort.

Prof. Mahajan has worked in a range of positions within Pearl Academy and has an experience of over 23 years working with higher education in Design. In addition, she has also worked as a design consultant with several renowned national and international organizations. Masters in Textiles & Clothing from Delhi University and certified Post Graduate in Higher Education (PGCHE) from Nottingham Trent University, U.K, she has extensive experience in design, development and delivery of work-based learning and action research-based design courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her interest lies in curriculum design, training and development in pedagogy. Her other interests involve contemporary creative Indian textiles and crafts.

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