Under the new ‘Coursera for Campus’ partnership, Pearl Academy will deliver job-relevant, on-demand learning to its students. Learners will get an access to 3800+ top quality courses created by 200 of the world’s most renowned universities and other industry partners.

With Coursera’s modular learning approach, Pearl Academy’s students will be able to hone and strengthen their fundamentals and problem-solving skills, making them industry-ready and providing better employment opportunities. Beside Design-centric courses, modules on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Sustainability are also available to gain knowledge on aspects that will closely determine the future of design and design applications.

Pearl Academy will provide essential digital skills by integrating Coursera courses as part of the curriculum, in the form of credit-eligible and supplemental learning, at no additional cost to its students. The students will not only get access to key creative courses like Design Thinking, Fashion as Design and Introduction to Typography, but also tech integrated courses, designed to impart skills for the digital age like Basic Elements of Design, Fundamentals of Graphic Design and Introduction to UI Design besides Sustainable Materials Management and Understanding Research Methods.

As part of the curriculum, the learners will also benefit from some of the world’s most popular courses on the platform, like Learning How to Learn and AI For Everyone. While some of these courses will be available as electives, others will be offered for self-development and students will be awarded a certificate for each course completed.

Nandita Abraham, President, Pearl Academy,

“Besides classroom education and hands-on experience, millennials today are interested in self-discovery and learning new things at their own pace. Our collaboration with Coursera opens up limitless opportunities for them and use it to their maximum advantage. As creative and non-creative fields merge, education cannot be compartmentalized, and hence, platforms such as Coursera become extremely significant in helping us deliver a great learning experience.”