Fashion Marketing Courses - Overview

The Masters Pathway in Fashion Marketing focuses on an in-depth exploration of fashion marketing, fashion brand management, and business knowledge, while also developing an understanding of creative thinking practices. This is further complemented with a final semester capstone project to accentuate one’s reflective leadership practice. The course has an interdisciplinary underlying theoretical and practical basis, as it pertains to contemporary marketing and brand management practices, along with principles in emerging fashion business environments. The delivery of the course is blended with online and face-to-face subjects to enable a flexible learning environment.

The program has a practical focus, with the themes of sound and ethical decision-making and strategic planning for fashion businesses. Graduates will be able to apply an advanced body of specialised marketing knowledge to their changing work environments as leaders and managers. They will develop the cognitive, technical, and creative skills to make effective marketing decisions in the professions of marketing, branding, research, merchandising, and customer services that impact the fashion business. Graduates will acquire research skills that will equip them to interpret and evaluate theoretical propositions and business-related data, expanding their knowledge base in the process. The course aims to educate individuals with a relevant design background of 2 to 3 years, or around 3 to 4 years of industry experience to function as higher managers and specialists in the dynamic fashion industry, from both an Indian and overseas perspective.

Selection of Candidates

Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their Written Exam and Statement of Purpose, following which they’ll be called for a personal interview. The final selection will then be based on the assessment of their written exam, SOP, and performance in the personal interview. Selection is strictly on merit basis.

Bridge Phase

In cases where the student fails to demonstrate the required skills and competencies, he or she shall be counselled to go through the bridge phase to develop the aptitudes and proficiencies desired in a graduate student before entering the master profile. The interview panel shall take a decision on the same.

Accredited Prior Learning

Candidates with prior industry experience: Such candidates can be considered for lateral entry into the second or third semester of the programme, depending on the extent and depth of their fashion-related industry or work experience, along with a skill assessment test or interview. This is subject to approval by the Examination Board, provided that they hold a graduate degree or diploma.
Candidates with PG Diploma in Fashion Business, Fashion Management, Fashion Design or Textile Design from Pearl Academy: Such candidates can be considered for lateral entry into the second semester of the programme, through an examination of their potential to pursue this programme. This is subject to approval by the Examination Board.



Brand Management

Business Methods

Systems and Processes

Digital Marketing

Project Management

Research and Innovation

Industry Live Project


Dynamic Leadership

Design Economics

Career Path

Career image
  • Brand Positioning

  • Product/Brand Managers

  • Marketing Consultants

  • Retail Professionals

  • Market Researchers

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