Course - Overview

In a world where everything is becoming experiential and image-centric, there is need of trained individuals in visual literacy to generate brand & context-specific understanding of Visual Merchandising and Display Design.  This course is for people interested in getting into the field of Commercial Display Design for businesses, which depends extensively on appealing display systems.

The program is an 11-month Professional Certificate that enables students to acquire the right set of skills and understanding to be successful in this sector.

The course will be in the form of workshops, studios with hands-on learning and Seminars. The exposure of real-life problems will be given through live industry projects and collaborations with other disciplines within Pearl Academy.

This program is open to applicants from all disciplines, including those who are not from design backgrounds. As a part of the program, students undergo courses including Design Fundamentals with emphasis on Human scale, proportion and Aesthetics, Effective ways of problem-solving with design abilities, Communication & Branding, Display Techniques and Practices, Visual Merchandising, Color, Décor, Lighting and styling, Thematic strategies, among others. Students will also receive instruction in design research to develop their ability to design solutions based on empathetic insights.

The purpose of this program is to enhance the design capability of students but also to provide them with a thorough understanding of the commercial and business aspects of Visual Merchandising and Display Design.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

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  • Visual Merchandisers

  • Retail Assistants