Saadiya Kochar

Saadiya Kochar is a fine art and social documentary photographer. After completing her Mass Communication and Photographic studies from Sri Aurobindo Institute and International College of Professional Photography, respectively, she started her career by self-publishing a book titled ‘Being’. For over a decade she has been exhibiting her art works in galleries, in India as well abroad. Some of the important ones are- Focus Festival Mumbai, FOD in Madrid, FOD at the China Art Museum, Photography Now at Muller and Plate (Germany), Dialogo Con la Piel in San Sebastian, Ht Imagine Fest, India Art Fair (’09-’19).

In 2012, Saadiya wrote and directed a short film on Kashmir, titled ‘Loss’, on PSA and the Pandit Exodus. She continues to work there, extensively. In 2017, the photographer traveled through the length and breadth of this country to spread the message of universal brotherhood. Road Tripping is an ongoing project, which is for public display. Though some of her photographic assignments, like the one mentioned above are philanthropic in nature, she has done a fair deal of commercial over the years and has recently become a partner in a commercial photography studio.

Saadiya Kochar
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