Aditya Chauhan

School of Foundation
Aditya Chauhan

Myself Aditya Chauhan is a self taught man, I say so because I have tried my hand in multiple small scale industries and learnt a lot that I know today through first hand experience.

A graduate in fashion design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, in 2009. NIFT has provided me with my skills and my entrepreneur journey has given me my experience.

Having experience in varied fields like textiles, fabric surfaces, metal and men’s and women’s wear fashion; I have in depth knowledge in mass, couture segments as well as merchandising.

I believe that everyone is capable of achieving great heights if guided well. I am not here to only teach but to guide students to the best of my abilities, to recognize each ones talent and groom them individually. It is rightly said - “Direction is so much more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast.”