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Canvass - The Incubation Cell

“Canvass”- the Incubation Cell, a beginning on the threshold of a new world altogether, a platform of exposure where the students of the graduating batch and alumni will be given an opportunity to nurture their ideas and turn them to reality. An initiative by Pearl to provide an ecosystem that will foster and support innovation, creativity and knowledge based entrepreneurship amongst the Pearl Alumni community leading to the creation of wealth and social value through successful ventures. Business Incubator is a program designed to assist businesses to become established and cost-effective during their incubation period. The two most important goals for incubation program is to create more jobs and encouraging an entrepreneurial climate in the community. This is divided into 3 phases, Infrastructure, Mentoring and Investment which would include all these activities along with the timespan of each phase.

Phase One- Infrastructure/Facilitation

The Incubation Cell would be stationed at the Delhi East Campus within 625 sq. ft. area, where students would be provided work stations, Wi-Fi facility along with phone lines and small meeting/mentoring rooms.

Phase Two- Mentoring

Hand- holding the incubates- It is an opportunity to build careers, a chance to interact with the cream of India’s entrepreneurs and to be mentored by the best in the business. Canvass with growing numbers cultivates a rare breed of entrepreneurs by incubating, accelerating, mentoring and funding innovative start-ups. Canvass the incubation cell will provide a plethora of facilities like Workshops, Seminar, Online Module, Hive for resources, conferences, labs, Liaison with investors and mentoring by domain experts.


Phase Three- Investment

Business Incubator is a program designed to assist businesses to become established and cost-effective during their incubation period. Undertake advanced research with the objective of building intellectual property (IP) for eventual commercialization and Commercialize the ongoing research undertaken by various departments of Pearl Academy-may be or not . Providing assistance to entrepreneurs in getting funding, selection of staff and workers and dealing with day to day problems in their business. In conversation with angel investors, seed funders, to be a part of the process at Canvass for mentoring and funding the most viable projects.


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