The students from School of Creative Practice, Pearl Academy, Mumbai presented a SHOWCASE - The Act of Observation; it shows the learning of the students, who have studied the natural and built environment and their relationship in the context of the city through observation, exploration, and representation.

The learning in the module was achieved through interactions with teachers, learning from fellow students, through lectures from subject matter experts, reading books and articles in the library, outdoor classes and watching films amongst many other interactions.

The module encompassed:
The first unit of the learning - Nature Study, the student learned to use observational and analytical drawing to accurately represent the natural world.
The second unit - Spatial understanding and representation of built environments.
The third unit - The student delves deeper into understanding the relationship between the two environments.

The module delivery included the basics of design and digital inputs through Design Abilities classes running parallel through the semester. The students, every week besides learning about cultural art & design basics, experience Immersion, which aligns them to their respective specialization.

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