Date - 4th May, 18
Time - 8:30 AM onwards


8:30 AM Exhibition
8:30 - 10:30 AM workshop I
10:00 - 12:00 Noon workshop II


1. Fun With Bricks - Interior Spatial Design
Each student at the workshop would be provided 50-75 blocks (43mm X 22mm X 15mm) of medium density fibre board (MDF) and asked to conceive and install a Jaali on a 300mm X 300mm base of 4mm thick medium density fibre board. Subsequently, all the Jaalis would be assembled as a collage and tested in sun for their shading, air penetration and shadow generating potential.
Duration of the workshop: 30 minutes

2. What’s Your Game?! - Communication Design
We have all played games, but have you ever wondered what goes into making of a game? Learn how to construct a board game step by step, and design a game of your own. Develop your own strategies, apply your creativity in this hands on - minds on workshop, and play!
Duration of the workshop: 35 minutes

3. Wire and beads - Jewelry Making - Foundation Department
The participants will be using techniques like wire bending, cutting, hammering and creating textures to form a piece of wire into a wearable jewelry piece. The Faculty is going to talk about the idea of ornamentation and jewelry, touching certain aspects of joinery and aesthetics around jewelry. The students will be given hand tools and a piece of wire (viz. aluminium, copper, brass et al) and further there will be beads to design the jewelry piece. The faculty shall guide all the participants to make a jewelry piece of their choice. The students/participants can wear and take the jewelry piece with them at the end of the workshop
Duration of the workshop: 30 minutes

4. From shape to form - Fashion Design
This workshop expose student to the technique of creating a garment from basic shapes. Students will get a set of pre-cut shapes such as circle rectangle etc. made of multiple different materials. During the workshop the faculty in charge will give a demo of how to sculpt a dress over a body form. At the end of the session students are requested to take a selfie with their garment and post the same in their social media #pearlacademy #pearlportfolio and the student who will receive more number of likes by the midnight of the same day will win a giveaway.
Duration of the workshop: 30 minutes

5. Fashion Portraits - Photography
Understanding ‘Fashion Portraits’ and shooting fashion portraits. Students will be exposed to portraits and fashion portraits through a presentation. They will then be given a demo on ‘how to shoot award-winning portraits with your mobile phones’. They will be given an opportunity to apply their learning and shoot a fashion model on their mobile phones.
Duration of the workshop: 90 minutes

6. Fashion Blogging Students will be oriented to blogging and create an online presence related to fashion or lifestyle. This workshop will teach you how to start blogging and become a social media influencer.
Duration of the workshop: 90 minutes

7. Fashion Make up: Learn details and insight of what goes behind the fashion show backstage and how the make – up is done in real time, with make-up experts.

Date - 5th May, 18
Time - 12:00 Noon - 6:00 PM


12:00 Noon - 6:00 PM Exhibition
4:00 - 5:00 PM Panel Discussion
5:00 - 6:00 PM Award Ceremony



With over 12 years of professional experience, Mohor brings keen insight into the practice and consumption of design in India. Her interests lie in understanding how people and culture shape and consume brands. Combined with her training in visual communication, she leads ideation on branding, and drives a holistic approach to design. Mohor shares her insights on design in India through her writing. 

Sumit is a design thinker and an entrepreneur. He works at intersection of design, technology and impact to create innovative, relevant and accessible solutions. Sumit is a frequent speaker at global forums where he talks about design leadership and social entrepreneurship. Sumit used his education in engineering and design to evolve as both a critical and a creative thinker.

Madhav is an architect and urbanist. He co-founded Anagram Architects in 2001, with Vaibhav Dimri. Anagram Architects is internationally recognised as amongst the top emerging practices in the world with a commitment towards delivering deeply contextual designs that encourage sustainable lifestyles. Over the years the practice has garnered much international acclaim including a nomination for the Aga Khan Award 2010 and inclusion in the Wallpaper* Magazine’s “Architects Directory 2009”.


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