Virtual Learning In The New Reality

What is Learning in the New Reality? Futuristic yet compassionate. Technologically ahead yet sustainable. Learning in New Reality is the ability to own both the old and the new, and to be agile enough to address what is ahead of us.

At Pearl Academy, we are engaged in this discussion, experimenting and constantly recalibrating our approach – the most recent example being our administration’s agile response in helping our students continue their education from home. All our modules have made a seamless transition to the web – live lab demos, virtual project development, guest and international modules, and more. Even for Pearl aspirants, we stand ready with our all-new online avatar – open day style campus counseling online and the upcoming AI-assisted entrance examination.

How can we as educators continue imparting knowledge unhindered and benefit the society and the nation at large? Pearl Academy invites all the leading academicians and educators to join us for an interactive webinar with Prof. Nandita Abraham, President – Pearl Academy as she shares insights into Virtual Learning in The New Reality. Limited Seats!


Date: 20th June

Time: 9:30 AM onwards