Click on this link to attempt the online entrance exam.

You will be able to access the above link on the exam day only.

Please check your slot according to the below mentioned details:

School Date GPT login time line window DAT/MAT login time line window PI login time line window
School of New Age Business &
School of Design
6-Jun-20 9.00 AM -12.00 NOON 11.00 AM -2.00 PM 1.00 - 3.00 PM.
School of Contemporary Media &
School of Fashion
7-Jun-20 9.00 AM -12.00 NOON 11.00 AM -2.00 PM 1.00 - 3.00 PM.

FAQs for Pearl Academy Online Entrance Examination

  1. I am not able to login

Candidate is using right credentials to login like correct Application Form No and Roll No., in the right order.

If he/she is on Laptop he must be on Google Chrome browser

If he/she is on Android Mobile he must be on Google Chrome browser

If he/she is on iPhone he must be on Safari browser

Tablets / iPad are NOT allowed


  1. Do I need to take the demo tests before the actual exam?

Yes before Entrance Test on June 6 & 7, 2020 you must take the demo tests here:, using the demo application from no. and roll no. given on the page (not your actual application from no. and roll no). To check if your webcam and mic works etc. As you have only one access to the entrance exam, you can't access it multiple times in case your system is not ready for it.


  1. What are Login credentials for demo link?

Application  Form No. - 112000000
Roll No. - UG0000000000


  1. Are there different credentials for live link?

Yes – for live link you have to use your actual application no & roll no which has been shared in Admit card, above dummy credentials will be applicable for dummy test only.


  1. My video / audio is not working?

Ask the candidate to allow access to microphone and camera and refresh


  1. My questions are not loading / screen has frozen?

Ask the candidate to refresh.


  1. How do I add / upload drawing in the exam?

Ask the candidate to watch the demo videos given on the page, where they started their exam from.


  1. My video in the end is not uploading?

Ask the candidate to refresh. It will be submitted


  1. I am seeing a lot of violation messages while I am writing my exam and bending down to draw?

Candidate does not need to panic. Video proctoring notifications are alert messages and that would not impact their performance, The review team will take a call based on the videos and decide to penalise a candidate only when there is a serious breach.


  1. My internet was / is down?

In case of internet connection / network disruption: Do Not Panic, Don't Escape or Close the Browser Window. If your internet connection goes off during the exam, you will see the message that you're offline. Don't panic, keep giving the exam as normal. The exam will still finish on time and all your activities will still be recorded. Keep the browser window open. Once the internet is back, your remaining answers, activity and video recorded while offline will be uploaded. All your previous answers, activity and video, before the disruption, was already recorded in real time and we would have it with us on your report.


  1. My system shutdown and electricity went off?

In case of system shutdown/electricity issue between the exam and you are not able to re-login within your exam timeline window. Don't panic, you can send us an email at after completing the exam, continue the next set of exam (if applicable). We will be able to provide you any solution post your completion of exam, based on your log history.


Support Helplines:

For any query that the team can't handle ask the candidates to call on the helpline numbers given on the exam page.

Technical Queries Call Support:

+91- 83193 69330

+91- 99111 25382

+91- 99998 94916

+91- 89508 98686

+91- 93552 13321

+91- 89504 60945

Exam related queries support: Toll free no.

Email Support:

Toll free number: 1800-103-3005.