Our unique academic differentiator

Unique Academic Differentiator

According to Future of Jobs report by World Economic Forum, skills outlook that will drive future careers include active learning, innovation, creativity, analytical thinking, and new technologies, supported by communication, collaboration, adaptability. In this backdrop, India Skills Report (ISR) 2019 indicates 60 percent ‘new age jobs’ will be driven by analytics, design, and artificial intelligence.

  • Key trends like Globalisation, mobility, millennials and changing demographics, new behaviours, and technology are redefining how we engage, work and communicate.
  • Industry experts are no longer looking at your domain expertise alone. It is also about WHO YOU ARE. That’s why HOW you learn today is as crucial as WHAT you learn.

How the future of work will change:

  • By 2025, millennials will comprise 75% of workforce (Forbes report 2017).
  • A Forbes article states, soft skills (power skills) including collaboration, innovation communication, analytical thinking and quick decision-making ability will be crucial for organisational hiring.
  • Skill sets will dramatically change in 37 percent jobs, while 9 percent new jobs will be created (ISR 2019).
  • One out of five people hired for new age skills will be for ‘design’ jobs (ISR 2019).

At Pearl Academy, our 360-degree comprehensive learning-based model helps every student get meaningful learning experience. Pearl Total Learning System (PTLS) ensures holistic development of every student by providing tools, methods and exposure, developing creative confidence and attitude to be successful with future of work. It includes:

- Beyond the Curriculum

Facilitates learning through open labs to develop new learning/ special skills, provide multi-disciplinary/ inter-disciplinary collaborative experiences, and philosophy of active citizenship to be actively involved in community projects.

- Industry Integrated Circuit

Involves industry experts throughout the student journey (from curriculum design till employment) designing curriculum, live industry projects, master classes, industry jury and employment.

- Global Learning Project

Ensures international exposure to every student facilitated by exchange programs, experience lab and f2f/beamed classes with international students and faculty mentors. Option to study final year in another university abroad.

- Career Mentoring

Provides professional development support and life skills trainings, exposure to HR summits and interview preps, assess professional competencies and letting students design their careers.

PTLS is an academic differentiator as it facilitates innovative and collaborative learning, from internal and external environment, by tapping the highest potential of each student. It provides students an extra edge over similar courses.

This model has been crafted based on three years of internal and third-party research-analysis incorporating the viewpoints of industry, international academic experts, our academicians, alumni and students.

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