Fashion Media Makeup

Delhi | Mumbai | Noida
  • Duration : 11 months (Weekdays, 8:30 – 13:00)
  • Eligibility : 10 + 2
  • Validation : Pearl Academy
  • Certification : Media & Entertainment Skill Council (MESC)
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The beauty business is growing at a phenomenal pace in India. A large number of leading global brands are eyeing to enter the Indian market. The rapid entry of major international salon chains and cosmetic brands into India is happening thanks to a willing and growing consumer set. International trends in the upcoming beauty industry in looks and personal grooming are widely accepted. The changing market conditions have bolstered the demand for highly competent beauty professionals who can take up key positions as Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Photographic Stylists, Fashion Promotion Events, Retail Cosmetic Sales and other related areas.

The exclusively designed curriculum of Fashion Media Makeup, with technical assistance from the London College of Fashion, offers intensive conceptual and practical study and training through visual communication and its application in the makeup and hair styling industry through classroom lectures, lab work, assignments and research projects. The course emphasizes on intensive practical and applied training in core areas.

Cosmetic Techniques

Introduces and develops competencies in the selection of skin and nail products for basic face, hand and feet treatments, along with an understanding of relevant underpinning knowledge to include safety and hygiene.

Makeup Studies

Introduces the professional skills required of a makeup artist, increasing the awareness of different products available in the current market, covering the basics from pre- foundations to makeup on a variety of faces.

Hair Styling

The emphasis on styling will be on the basic techniques to produce a variety of fashion looks by elementary setting and styling, on a range of hair types and textures.

Visual Studies

It introduces principles of drawing/image making and their application to a variety of subjects, gradually building up ability and confidence in a variety of media and techniques.

Information Technology

Hardware and software to use for a variety of tasks and situations thereby developing an awareness of the vocational relevance of information technology.

Trimester 3 – Professional Attachment :

Industry internship and the final Portfolio in this trimester. It also aims to consolidate and implement the creative, technical and industry experience.

Creative Makeup

Focuses on current trends and themes, to further develop individuality and creative skills. The unit includes traditional and contemporary bridal and bridal party makeup. Students are introduced to airbrush makeup for beauty and fashion.

Creative Hair Styling

Includes more specialised areas of styling hair, introduction to hairstyling techniques to design and execute hairstyles that would be appropriate and complimentary to a particular makeup look.

Media Makeup

This unit is designed to introduce different products and techniques that are available for the creation of ultra-realistic special effects, such as burns, cuts, stitches, wounds and character makeup, through a workshop environment.

Visual Studies

Develops awareness of colour, form and texture to improve presentation skills by introducing a variety of media and techniques with the use of paint, colour, collage and texture.

Hair Decoration

This unit includes retro fashion styles as well as modern styles used in print and fashion. The skills development will be within a framework of projects designed to produce creativity.

Basic Hair Design

The aim is to enable the students to develop an understanding of the principles and practical application of hair cutting and hair colouring techniques.

Photographic Styling

his unit continues to develop the student’s visual awareness and continues to build on the skills developed in the first year with emphasis on research culminating in an editorial photo-shoot.

Working Environment

The unit provides an opportunity for you to consider factors that influence organisational and individual effectiveness, including rights and responsibilities under both employment, and health and safety legislation.

Visual Studies /Portfolio

The emphasis will be on producing work that contains examples of the student’s abilities. Creative skills will be developed during the production of images/objects rather than as isolated disciplines.


Shruti Monga

Shruti Monga

Sumedha Sharma

Sumedha Sharma

Urvashie Pruthi

Urvashie Pruthi

Zainab Khan

Zainab Khan