“I am a responsible citizen of my country”

New session for UG Foundation commenced on 25th July 2016. For one week these students are engaged in an event called Pow Wow (plethora of various creative workshops). This event came to an end on 28th July 2016. This is the first step to foundation student’s lives being born and nurtured into various creative courses offered at Undergraduate level at Pearl Academy. As a culmination activity, students were taken to Indian Agricultural Research Institute, commonly known as PUSA, to participate in a campaign called “I am a responsible citizen of my country”. They planted 100 saplings towards saving environment and going green. There were 50 foundation students and some faculty members who participated in this event. Dr. S. S. Sindhu – Head Division of Floriculture and Landscaping got all necessary arrangements done for this event.

  • CSR Activity

Enabling Young Minds to #BeSomebody

Pearl Academy has undertaken a project to support PURKAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY (PYDS)www.purkal.org/in

Registered in 2003 – PYDS is an NGO situated in the Himalayan foothills and is dedicated to enhancing the lives of underprivileged people in the community.

Transforming India at Purkal

“The Purkal Youth Development Society is a registered charity dedicated to enhancing the lives of disadvantaged rural youth through education. While doing so the children are to be sensitised and helped to preserve the beautiful Himalayan environment and the local cultural traditions”

Pearl Academy is contributing to PYDS in the following ways:

Direct Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship for 25 Children: ‘Change 25 young rural lives’ – under this initiative, Pearl Academy will sponsor 25 students, who are studying in their class II. This sponsorship covers all the expenses for every child in this class for a year. All these children are from very poor families who live in the village and can’t afford to have quality education and are unable to access opportunities available to those who are able to afford good schools and good tutoring. Sponsorship provided by Pearl Academy for these 25 students will take care of their academic performance, physical fitness, vaccination and inoculation, uniforms, field trips, dance, music and yoga, sports and learning resources.

  • 83 Computers Donated: Moreover to ensure that students at PYDS have sufficient skills to take on the challenges of tomorrow, Pearl Academy has also contributed 83 computers to this school for their IT lab. This helps the students in enhancing their learning process and connects them to the rest of the world.

  • 3 Students to live their Dream: Three students from PYDS have been selected to study at Pearl after they have completed their class 12. All expenditure of these students; fee, hostel charges and monthly pocket money, will be borne by our institute. After they have graduated they will be productively employed by the industry. It is expected that these students will go back to their school and render their own contribution towards the development of other students in the school.

  • Empowerment thru knowledge: Student and faculty volunteers of Pearl Academy are engaged with doing project with “Stree Shakti” – a part of women empowerment cell of PYDS. Purkal Stree Shakti Samiti (PSSS) translates as ‘an organisation for empowering the women of Purkal’. It is a registered Society dedicated to enhancing the lives of the disadvantaged women of the Community by empowering them. It is a non-profit organisation.

The background and work of Stree Shakti

“This is a short video showing some of the history of Stree Shakti as well as some insight into how we work.”