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Fashion Media Makeup Course Overview

Course Overview

Makeup artistry is a highly competitive industry in which success is derived from the quality of the training and your dedication to achieve the highest standard possible.

Advertising, television, cinema, events promotion, fashion promotion etc. are activities where the look, appearance and grooming of individuals is very important. The media makeup industry contributes professionally to these requirements through hair styling, makeup, cosmetics and skin care. This is another burgeoning industry, growing alongside the above economic segments, which it caters to.

The skilled and creative makeup artist requires not only artistic and creative ability but also the ability to be an expert technician, a consultant, a sales person and a communicator.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) estimates the size of the beauty and wellness market at approximately Rs. 12,500 crores.

One-year comprehensive Diploma in Fashion Media Make Up (FMM) with a curriculum meeting international standards was conceived with technical assistance from London College of Fashion (LCF), UK, one of the pioneers in beauty and fashion education worldwide. Exclusively designed to impart training on international trends and techniques, the programme offers intensive conceptual and practical study and training for those who are serious about a career in high fashion Makeup Artistry. The programme teaches makeup and hairstyling techniques from a uniquely artistic perspective with a depth of training that provides students with the skills to handle any makeup challenge with confidence, expertise and efficiency. The programme is specifically designed to meet the needs of students and the industry. It offers interactive, hands-on makeup education. Students work with fellow motivated students as a team. This way they will experience both sides of the makeup chair.

The programme is offered in 3 terms of 13 weeks each, covering a range of skills in makeup, hair styling, hair design and special effects makeup, besides visual studies and IT. The multi disciplinary and broad based curriculum provides for an all round development of students, in keeping with the makeup industry needs. Continuous evaluation and assessment is undertaken throughout the course through assignments and presentations covering real world projects.

Term1- Basics Knowledge, Concepts and Skills :

This term emphasises on an understanding of the elements, principles and concepts of Cosmetic Skin Care, Makeup Studies, Hair Styling, Visual Studies and Information Technology.

Cosmetic Skin Care

Introduces and develops competencies in the selection of skin and nail products for basic face, hand and feet treatments, along with an understanding of relevant underpinning knowledge to include safety and hygiene.

Makeup Studies

Introduces the professional skills required of a makeup artist, increasing the awareness of the different products that are available in the current market, covering the basics from Pre- foundations to makeup on a variety of faces.

Hair Styling

Covers the principles and practical application of classic hair styling techniques. The emphasis on styling will be on the basic techniques to produce a variety of fashion looks by elementary setting and styling, on a range of hair types and textures.

Visual Studies

Introduces a variety of skills essential to visual communication. It introduces principles of drawing/image making and their application to a variety of subjects, gradually building up ability and confidence in a variety of media and techniques.

Information Technology

This unit is designed to develop an understanding and appreciation of the role and impact of computer hardware and software in use today. This unit allows one to determine which hardware and software to use for a variety of tasks and situations thereby developing an awareness of the vocational relevance of information technology.

Trimester 3 – Professional Attachment :

The learning is completed with industry internship and the final Portfolio in this trimester. It focuses on self study under tutorial guidance. Also, it aims to consolidate and implement the creative, technical and industry experience.
Live industry attachment where student will have real life exposure of the industry. It aims to consolidate and implement and creative, technical and Industry experience.

Term2 – Application and Practice :

In this level, the students advance and expand their knowledge base gained earlier. This term covers areas of Creative Makeup, Creative Hair Styling, Media Makeup, Visual Studies and Information Technology.

Creative Makeup

Focuses on current trends and themes, to further develop individuality and creative skills. This is produced through a strong visual awareness that is necessary for a career in the field of makeup. The unit includes traditional and contemporary bridal and bridal party makeup. Students are introduced to airbrush makeup for beauty and fashion.

Creative Hair Styling

Includes more specialised areas of styling hair, introduction to hairstyling techniques to design and execute hairstyles that would be appropriate and complimentary to a particular makeup look. The skill development will be within a framework of projects designed to produce creativity.

Media Makeup

This unit is designed to introduce different products and techniques that are available for the creation of ultra-realistic special effects, such as burns, cuts, stitches, wounds and character makeup, through a workshop environment.

Visual Studies

Develops awareness of colour, form and texture to improve presentation skills by introducing a variety of media and techniques with the use of paint, colour, collage and texture. It is intended to heighten artistic flair by experimentation and practice.

Term 3 – Consolidation :

In this unit Retro-Fashion makeup looks are modified and updated to translate them into today’s nostalgic fashion and glamour looks. Fashion makeup style and techniques applicable to a range of current advertorial and editorial promotional activities are developed.

Hair Decoration

This unit is designed to build on professional confidence, as skills are broadened through the study of more specialised areas of styling hair. This unit includes retro fashion styles as well as modern styles used in print and fashion. The skills development will be within a framework of projects designed to produce creativity.

Basic Hair Design

The aim is to enable the students to develop an understanding of the principles and practical application of hair cutting and hair colouring techniques. The emphasis will be on basic techniques used to produce a variety of fashion looks on a range of hair types and textures.

Photographic Styling

This unit continues to develop the student’s visual awareness and continues to build on the skills developed in the first year with emphasis on research culminating in an editorial photo-shoot.

Working Environment

This unit will develop knowledge of the working environment in which the student will operate. The unit provides an opportunity for you to consider factors that influence organisational and individual effectiveness, including rights and responsibilities under both employment, and health and safety legislation.

Visual Studies /Portfolio

Drawing skills developed in the first term are utilised in the final term to generate a portfolio of work suitable for interview. The emphasis will be on producing work that contains examples of the student’s abilities. Creative skills will be developed during the production of images/objects rather than as isolated disciplines.


Students are trained in a centrally air conditioned studio with modern facilities and equipment with additional critical IT and library support from the Academy. Students can access international brands of makeup and hair styling supplies at discounted rates.


Specialist faculty with industry and academic backgrounds handle core modules, such as makeup studies, hair styling and hair design. Additional valuable input is provided by industry experts.


Being a makeup artist can be an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling career with truly endless possibilities for growth. Career opportunities are many and diverse such as in print advertising and fashion photography, retail cosmetic sales, designer runway shows, fashion promotion events, modeling agencies, theatre, film and television stations and shows, music videos. Makeup artists work freelance, as beauty salon managers and professionals in the cosmetics industry.

Selection Process

Admission is based on interview to ascertain the student’s ability and commitment to enter the makeup profession for the fashion, film, television and media industry.


  • Makeup artist/hair stylist for Fashion Photography
  • Promotion Events, Runway Shows, Film & Television
  • Freelancers and Professionals

Duration : 1 Year
Centre : Noida, Delhi, Mumbai
Selection Process : Admission is based on interview to ascertain the student’s ability and commitment.


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