Dr. Schmidt is the Area Head of Interior Architecture & Design from the School of Design. She comes to India with over 18 years of work experience in academia, interior design and European decorative arts in Europe and North America. Having completed a Ph.D. from the Oxford University, where she was senior scholar and tutor, she explored many aspects relating to interiors and worked as historic houses & interiors consultant. Her work spans from actual planning to research, museum education, media presentation, development of historic houses and lecturer of design related topics.

She lectured globally including Columbia University, the Max-Planck Institute, the Technical University Vienna, as Prize lecturer at the Institute for Advanced Study, London University, and Harvard University where she was offered a position as visiting scholar. Dr. Schmidt is passionate about virtually every type of interior design project ranging from a henhouse, to a palace and has made it her life’s passion to advance and propagate interior design all over the world. She is keen to explore traditional and local principles of design with the aim to create sustainable timeless interiors. For her work she has received international prizes from Oxford, New York, Berlin and Jerusalem.