“A thinker. A dreamer. A realist. A creative team player with intellectual curiosity, attentiveness to unique detail, and a strong sense of proportion and visual awareness, Fiza has extensive hands-on experience in developing space planning concepts and interior programming documentation in India and abroad.

Within her previous roles as design administrator and interior stylist back in Mauritius, she has designed spaces across the spectrum, ranging from retail and leisure to workplaces, and worked with architects and property developers to deliver sustainable, stimulating, technology-responsive yet functional projects that are relevant to the people occupying them. As a curriculum developer, Fiza has been able to hone students’ skills in research, design strategy and aesthetic resolutions. Being an educator provides the ideal platform in which to further cultivate and share her passion for a credible balance between design aspiration, commercial affordability and successful brand experiences while also inspiring and mentoring young future stylists and designers.”