“As an Interior Architect, Natasha has specialized in healthcare architecture. After completing her studies in College of Applied Arts of the University “Pascal Paoli” in Corsica (France), she transferred to the University of Toulouse (France) to continue her studies. Her interest in specific fields of interior design determined the subject of her research “Interior Design for Disabled People Following Cerebrovascular Incidents”. In 2009, she obtained a Masters degree from “Megatrend University” in Belgrade (Serbia), with a research paper entitled: “Interior Architecture of living and working spaces for people with disabilities”. For seven years, she has been involved in design education in various Universities (in Europe and India). She is co-author of the textbook for first-year students of Interior Architecture (“Introduction to Interior Architecture Studies” ISBN 978-86-7747-306-8), published in Serbian. She is currently working on her book “Interior Design” which will be published in English. For almost 15 years, her professional work has included planning proposals and project realization on independent projects, residential and public spaces, as well as exploration of other fields of applied arts and design.”