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School of Design

Nidhip Mehta

Nidhip Mehta

School Head

Our mission is to shape great designers who are comfortable working both in Indian and global contexts, and we want nothing less than to actively define India’s design identity within the larger world. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and they bring their individual, social, and collective cultures with them into everything they do as designers, with a strong emphasis on serving the entire spectrum of society. Whether it’s designing housing for the underprivileged or high-end products for urban technophiles, the students of the School of Design are encouraged to inculcate a strong focus on research, cultural context, the art of making, and independent yet collaborative thinking in their work.

The School of Design offers specialized and flexible programs in three broad verticals – Spatial Design, Product Design, and Communication Design. The duration of pathways ranges from 4-year for Undergraduate and 1 to 2-year Postgraduate plus a variety of short term 1-year, 6-month, 3-month professional programs and short workshops in specialized design disciplines.

Faculty in the School are drawn from some of the most well reputed design schools around the world; they also have a wide array of practical experience in diverse design industries, providing a balanced approach to theoretical and practical teaching. The learning is characterized by the studio environment, where hands-on work, reflection, discussion, debate, and decision-making happen in a loose, collaborative atmosphere. Textbooks and exams are replaced by seminars, journals, projects, and field visits.

Students also have the opportunity to link with other design disciplines through collaborative projects and exposure to multidisciplinary guest lectures and workshops run by industry professionals. Professional skills and attitude are also promoted through embedded soft-skills training, internships, live projects, and entrepreneurial training.

Ultimately, we hope to create design professionals who will not just serve their profession, but lead it. Confidence building, social awareness, and encouragement to continue learning throughout one’s career are critical factors towards creating an innovative and competent designer.