As somebody who has always been clear about what not to do rather than do, communication design came along as the one thing I was sure of. And it’s been one hell of a ride. It’s not only designing one learns here. From researching to analyzing, from just a thought to working on a practical live project, small illustrations to life-size banners, life here is really varied. And that’s all that matters in design; the perspective one has and sensitivity towards the environment. Once you’re a designer, it’s not only about what you like or not, it’s important to convey your design to your audience. Understanding, relating and observing are important aspects of the process of design. At the same time, the space becomes your canvas, the ideas one’s artwork and it’s all how one uses their imagination paired up with some skills and thought in the world outside of them. I practically dived into every field of specialization across these four years to discover my true love. And it did come down to experiencing design. I still find web design amazing, but space is something that gets my creative juices flowing. That’s what my final projects in college were about, creating something out of an existing or new space and delivering a message or an emotion. My degree project is also about experiencing design, where I am trying to teach environmental etiquette to children.