The goal of this dissertation project is to explore the feasibility of setting up a green factory for garment manufacturing, using sustainable methods in rural areas of Rajasthan and particularly in southwest rural parts like Beawar region, to maintain a balance between human and natural ecology. The research will promote a new era of industrialization growth in rural Rajasthan.

Secondly, this garment factory will lead to the equal empowerment and opportunities to women, giving them better livelihood and making them self-dependent.

If India needs to grow, it is important that rural areas be developed, which could begin by setting up a garment factory in rural Rajasthan. This could then be recommended as a business proposal for rural Rajasthan. This consultancy can start from the selection of land, construction of the factory with machinery setup, till running of the factory, including arrangement of employees and laborers.

Factors such as current industries, capital resources, climatic conditions and employment affecting garment industrialization in Rajasthan are also explored in this project to make the research more relevant.