The purpose of this project is to determine how the environment is getting adversely affected by the denim industry. Leftover denim is dumped in landfills, generating dangerous gases. This will help me understand the denim industry and how the leftover material can be reused, recycled and converted into something useful. It will save the environment from getting polluted and reduce the amount invested in denim manufacturing. The denim industry is a growing market and, in the coming year, it will grow from 450 million jeans to 600 million jeans.

The study will help in solving the problem of waste, like fabric inspection and cutting. Converting defects into aesthetics will help in saving 5-6% of wastage from the current 8-9% wastage.

What are the key alternatives in saving wastage at the initial stage of the fiber to fabric process? This small initiative will help the Indian denim industry to excel and save on wastage as well as money.