India is the largest livestock holding country 21% large animals and 11% small animals. Well recognized in the international market, the Indian leather goods constitute about 7 per cent of India’s export earnings.It accounts for 2 percent of world trade in leather and leather related products and 10 percent of leather raw material available in the world.

The present report is a descriptive and exploratory report which focuses on what leathers are, how these are made, how tanning is done. It also focuses on different types of leathers and on what basis are they divided and how are they identified. Most importantly, this report talks about the defects that come in the leather skin/hides because of which these get rejected. Since animal skin is like human skin, it is difficult to totally eliminate the defects like scars and pox marks. Thus, ways/methods have been mentioned to use the defected leathers efficiently.

This report talks about the leathers used in Triburg and defects that have been seen during sampling and production process.