In today’s world of fast fashion, we consume a lot of fashion products which we use for a very less or no time at all. They either end up being at landfills or get piled up in our wardrobes. Fashion has become so fast and cheap that it has turned into litter. This has taken up a serious shape from environment’s point of view. Telling everyone to stop over-buying and expecting them to do it is not possible on a very large scale as consuming fashion is just not about the need, it’s much more than that. So, if stopping to over-consume is not a very good option in hand then we should probably focus on our disposal habits and this is why re-consumption is an answer for it. Re-consuming fashion includes of Re-using and Re-cycling. We can re-use fashion by supporting second hand fashion i.e. Buying and selling of our own clothes. This helps in utilising the clothes which were not being used and saves them from getting dumped in the landfills. Another way to re-use is by re-designing the garment for a fresher look. Apart from re-using, recycling i.e. Transforming a garment into another product can also serve as a solution to this problem. Fashion Re-consumption will not only help in saving landfill space but also will also help in saving up the energy and resources that are used during the production and maintenance of the garment.