I’m the Mallu-Delhiite hybrid who works around a wall full of post-its! Back in school I knew I wasn’t going to purely be a Math or Science kid. But what I knew was, I could pick the right combination of colors to fill up a canvas. Well, that was enough to welcome me into the field of design, only to know there is so much more than meets the eye. Design always makes me curious about the end result of something I’m working on—“What am I going to make this look like?” I always start at point ‘A’, but six weeks down, I know I’m designing for point ‘X’. Honestly, it is this journey of discovering, understanding people and reasoning out their reactions that connects with me as an individual. I believe, as a designer, I not only have the power to create solutions (and hog alongside), but create them with aesthetic magnificence. Both my projects revolve around the concept of digital and human interaction. Tappy is a fund-raising game, a project based on the concept of ‘apps for social good’. Meanwhile, Natter Doc is an Online Interactive Community that helps you build self-confidence and facilitates you to interact with new people.