To study the challenges faced by the export house in production process in terms of defects in garments, miss communication within the industry, un- trained people and improve hr management and to suggest required.

The aim of this project report is to unfold all complexities involved in the export business from receiving an export order to the completion of order. Observation is done in the production process and reasons for delay are found out. Some of the reasons for delays/conflicts are if there occurs any defects in the garment, or the workers are not fully trained or if there is miss communication between the employees then to find out what are the different ways are there to resolve those conflicts. These can be solved with different solutions like proper ERP system should be there to avoid the delay in shipment and to dispatch the goods on time, proper training to the employees results in decreasing of defects in the garments, proper following up of time and action calendar results in reaching the lead time. There are many solutions to make the export house working efficient and this project would help in finding those solutions and results into fulfil many loopholes of manufacturing, processing and completion of order on time. It will help the company in being pro- active for the next season and follow the time and action calendar and work accordingly.