It’s in school that I realized I’m not one of those nerds that could wreck their brains on a math solution or make a chemical formula in a chemistry lab. For me, my art class was my runway, where I could just walk free on a canvas without an audience and just be free! “Design is thinking made visual” and there is no better way to express myself other than Communication Design, which doesn’t just focus on a single aspect, but several. It looks into Animation, Film, Graphic and Advertisement, Experience Design. From these fields, my interest is in Graphic Design. I’ve never had such a feeling in my life, where I love what I do, and this is why I’m here! Since my childhood, I have been fascinated with colors, design and later realized I was born to be a Graphic Designer. This academy helped me set the base for who I am today. I love painting landscapes and capturing the beauty of nature by transposing my thoughts on them. During my graduation, I worked on various topics and projects, including an NGO, a semi-live project, where I designed the brand Identity, logo, business card and letterheads. Also in my Final project, I designed the signages for New Delhi Railway Station. Pearl Academy has played an important role in giving me confidence and a broader viewpoint to approach the field of creativity and turn my passion into a profession.