Kronokare Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. is an upcoming brand in cosmetics who mainly conduct their business through supplying toiletries and Oils to Hotels and Salon/Spa. Since this Jan 2014 they entered into the retail sector and started selling their products through one store in Hauz Khas Village (Lola’s World) and through online website and portals like (Flipkart, Amazon, Snap deal etc.).

I worked for the online retail section of Kronokare. I was observing different was to approach clients, to enhance the business. My study was on improvement of customer relationship managementand to do the research on customer behaviour and how the kronokare cosmetics can improve their customer relationship management post sales.

For the study Istudied the challenges the brand faced as a start-up and the current online business operations of the company. The brand’s merchandise mix, price points, target customers and promotion strategies have been discussed in detail that provide deeper insight into the brand’s identity and personality. Further, a comparison between Kronokare and its competitors on the customer service has been done to emphasize how the brand has an edge over its competitors and where is room for improvement.

The approach for writing this paper includes secondary research and literature review to understand the Indian consumer behavior for online shopping. The primary research includes questionnaire survey to study the consumer demand and their behavior towards making buying decisions.

This research will help in exploring Indian consumer behavior for online shopping of beauty and cosmetics products. It will also help in recommending Kronokare cosmetics the various CRM strategies to improve their customer service that will help in enhancing potential customers and also to develop more effective tools for promotion.