This project is an exploratory and descriptive research on lead time reduction and feasibility of Speed Model in Kohl’s at Li & Fung.

In today’s cut throat competition the international buyers have numerous options in terms of vendors, therefore shorter lead times along with low costs would lead to growth and success. The project is aimed at studying about different types of delays in all the categories of lead time at all the stages of working i.e. from order receipt to order delivery at the requested location and too deeply analyze the final shipment delays from the actual date of shipping. Therefore, leading to map the cost incurred by the vendors on delayed shipment is very important. Another purpose of this project is to do an in depth study of Speed Model or the fast fashion model followed by Kohl’s to sustain in the industry. The basic idea of this model is less inventory storage and more efficiency in work procedures. Through the clear understanding of this model the project is further aimed at studying the cost benefit analysis of this model for the vendors as well as the buyers.