All good things come to an end, such as my four-year splendid journey with Pearl, one of the best things that ever happened to me. I never thought time could fly, but after joining Pearl I can say it does. Pearl Academy has given me an opportunity to realize my true love towards design. I had the most amazing four years of my life filled with excitement, joy, defeat, triumph, nervousness, pressure, stress and, finally, the feeling of accomplishment. I consider myself lucky to have spent so much time here, learning so much from so many brilliant minds. I was fortunate to have some very hardworking young brains as my classmates. I believe that true creation happens only under the influence of original thoughts. I believe that designs, which are simple and aesthetically pleasing, will remain classic. Therefore, I believe in simple and functional work. In order to be successful, one needs to relish what they do and believe in it. Pearl taught me the importance of believing in yourself, because somewhere, someday you might use an idea that may once have been considered a flop! I am glad I made it through four years of a rollercoaster ride filled with all kind of pressure, stress and emotions. Today, I see myself as a young confident communicator who is ready to explore all kind of challenges.