I joined this course with very little knowledge of it. I was confused initially, but have come a long way since. Over the past four years, I have learned a lot, explored my potential and gained immense knowledge. I have learned that concepts and design go hand in hand and design is not just beautiful, but offers a solution too. I believe we, as designers, hold a lot of power in shaping the minds of people. I want to use design as a tool to do good and make the world a better place. My degree project is the first step towards executing my belief. My interest lies in Graphics and Advertising and I would like to explore new parameters within the same. As a communication designer, I like to learn new things, experiment with what I’ve learnt and test my potential further. My degree project is about the Illegal animal trade and how common people contribute to this trade knowingly or unknowingly. Since there is demand for animal made products like crocodile skin shoes, animal fur and traditional medicines, there is supply. To meet this demand, the trade is increasing every year and pushing a lot of animal species close to extinction. Through this project, I want to make people aware of the consequences of their desires. My target audience is that part of society, which holds purchasing power and the strategy is to target them through outdoor and ambient advertising.