Challenges faced by the small-scale garment industry related to supply chain management (SCM) in Ludhiana and Delhi/NCR.
The small-scale garment industry is not able to meet the standards of international brands and is not able to compete globally. The goal of this project is to help small-scale garment firms in India improve resources utilization and improve customer satisfaction by implementing supply chain practices. The objective is to study supply chain management and to understand the small scale garment industry in a better way.

This study can help the small scale garment industry to reduce its transportation and inventory cost, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. It will ensure that small enterprises can compete globally. It will help in changing the unorganized industry become organized.

The readymade garments industry in India is highly fragmented with numerous players. It’s classified under men’s wear, women’s wear, kids wear. It has a decentralized production structure, with subcontracting, which is low-risk and low capital, serving the industry well.

I understood the structure of the garment industry and nature of operations. I got better acquaintance with the small-scale garment industry and problems related to SCM faced by them.