Research study on leathers and leather belts & analysis of the dropped styles from product development to the production stage.

“Accessories are like vitamins to Fashion. You should use them more liberally.”

The term “Fashion” makes people think about the apparel in the first instance but they forget how big accessories are as a part of it. This project talks of Accessories, the Indian export industry for Accessories, an in-depth study on leathers, and drop rate of styles from Product Development to Production stage and how can the drop rate be decreased.

The project is a way of learning and understanding the Industry in a better way. Having no background in Leathers, this project gave me the opportunity to learn about the leathers and the leather industry.
The majority of orders in the accessories department are related to leather. It would be an injustice not to study the main thing of the department and skipping onto the shortcomings of it. This project is an outcome of four months of learning and dealing in leathers. It is an effort to put together the various factory visits, tannery visit, day to day terminology used in the best possible way.