This dissertation brings together the topics of marketing strategy, high end couture designer label, B2C strategy and online marketing. The focus of the dissertation is based on the stage process of marketing implementation. The tendency to sell online these days is visible in different sectors of the economy, in both B2C and B2B business, and in both large and small companies. There are multiple benefits recognized in a B2C marketing context, for example the improvement of inter-organizational process that leads to efficiency and competitive advantage. The focus of analysis in this report is a small high end designer firm that needs to implement ecommerce. The business needs to select a suitable operational and marketing strategy. In the high end couture B2C sector, designers are interested to sell online because marketing provides access to distant markets as well as marketing is an efficient transaction mechanism. However, designer ethnic clothes are complex in nature and this can make the buying party reluctant to immediately purchase the product online. This indicates that an online channel doesn’t have to be a substitute for the offline channel but it can perform a complementary role. The web-shop can be used as a marketing tool for collecting relevant customers’ data through evaluation of visits. This research is conducted by first collecting literature through secondary data and after that applying it for the high end couture designer firm through primary data sources such as interviews, survey and observations are used.