In this project titled “Study of Customer Preferences Of Benetton’s Women’s wear Category & Competition Mapping”, an attempt has been made to thoroughly understand the customer’s preferences and requirements regarding Denims, Dresses, Polo t-shirts, Woven and Knit tops. A detailed study of the above mentioned merchandise categories was done through field study-visits to the Malls and markets in Delhi and Gurgaon, wherein a total of 114 questionnaire surveys were filled by customers. The survey results analysis helped to understand the customer’s perception of the brand and also to realize the gap that could serve as important factors for making an efficient buying plan for the same season in the following years.

The survey was followed by a competition mapping of Benetton and its competitor brands in terms of a variety of attributes like; options available, price, colors etc. This was done by physically observation and counting of merchandise offered by different competitor brands of Benetton. This gave an insight into Where Benetton stands compared to its competitors and What can be done to further improve their position in the minds of prospective customers and the Indian market. The aim of the project is not to change the positioning of the brand but to understand the consumer preferences and expectations across women’s wear category.